Techniques to Make your Online Dating Profile Stand Out

olnline dating profilesMost people who join dating sites either don't know how or don't take the effort to make their online dating profile stand out. whether you seek   dating profiles for men or dating profiles for women the following techniques will help your profile rise to the top, so that you'll attract the cream of the crop!

Online Dating Profile Examples

Your online dating profile tells the short story of you! What are your pet-peeves? What makes your heart sing? Here are some good dating profile examples:

Seeking Yang to Balance my Yin

I'm an introverted romance writer, with a rich inner-life. Alone but not lonely describes me. But…my life is lacking balance. If you are an outgoing guy who loves laughter, bring it on!

My likes: caramel lattes, cantaloupe smoothies, weekend getaways to no particular destination, walking barefoot in freshly mown grass, new age music and kind people. My dislikes: politics, stupidity, lies and zucchini.

Message me if:

You enjoy people watching and creating their pretend stories.

You have the soul of an artist.

You enjoy your life but want to share it with someone.

This is a woman who knows what she wants. She's captivating, but quasi-mysterious. Most of all she isn't needy!

Funny Online Dating Profiles

Ask 10 people the #1 thing they seek in a mate. All 10 will reply "a sense of humor"! Here is an example of a funny online dating profile:

Help Me Stay Awake!

My circadian rhythm peaks at dark-thirty. Unfortunately, by day, I'm a suit struggling to keep awake at a real job. By night I'm a great sax player.

My favorite food group is chocolate. For fun, I enjoy canoeing and snow tubing. Am trying to spiffy up my vocabulary by mastering a word a day, but keep dozing off, on the dictionary.

Give yourself a plus if you're a dog lover. But don't waste my time if you've got a poodle dog. (Or any sissy species that wears nail polish and bow ribbons)

Message me:

If you know 100 ways to help me stay awake.

If you don't believe everything I said, but still think I'm kinda cute.

This guy is a keeper! He knows how to appeal to the "mothering" instincts of women, yet still comes off totally masculine.

Online Dating Profile Examples for Men - Experts suggest that women have short attention spans when reading online dating profiles. You have about 30 seconds to capture their attention and should make the effort to write a catchy headline.

Telling it Like it is

I won't bore you with what a wonderful good catch I am. You've been bored by many male profiles or you wouldn't be reading mine now.

Instead, I'll start with regular stuff like the way I do spontaneous things. For instance, the time I jumped into my car and started driving. Ended up 500 miles later in Waco, Texas! Enjoyed a huge pancake breakfast and drove back home.

Sad movies make me cry, so would you keep a supply of tissues in your purse when we watch chick flicks? I have no patience with cardboard people. You know – the kind with a phony smile who agrees with everything anybody says.

I totally love blue. Once, I bought 15 blue shirts in case the store quit stocking that brand.

Did you ever do something dumb like that?

How about you?

Mostly you're happy. You can spell and define words. You're curious about life. You adore stargazing without a telescope and driving down a new road just to see where it ends. Everything else we can make up as we go along.

This is a delightfully interactive online profile. He interjects a couple of questions, so that the woman reader can envision the two of them, as if they were sitting at a table, just getting to know each other.

Examples of Good Female Online Dating Profiles

Good female online dating profiles are not crammed with generic stuff like: love shopping, love my cat, love walks on beach, love my family and on and on. Women must clearly communicate what they offer and what they expect.

Have Crockpot; Will Travel

Include funny online dating profiles.Let me introduce my Crockpot to your RV! If the allure of roads not travelled is calling you, let's get together. One caveat – we must mutually determine we're a good match before hitting the road.

One of my greatest joys in life is cooking for people who enjoy eating. What are your favorite foods? I've got that recipe!

As co-owner of a start-up pastry shop, this sums me up nicely – she's busy rolling out the dough, but not rolling in dough.

Yes, I'm super-busy, but I make time for people I care about. But it's difficult to meet men to care about.

Message me if:

Your gray cells started spinning with happiness after reading my profile.

You believe we're never too old to teach or learn from those we teach.

You understand my work is why I get up in the morning and believe you can give me a better reason.

Is your RV is excited to hook-up with my Crockpot?

It's obvious this woman is a self-confident, intelligent individual who is comfortable in her skin. She stresses the importance of safety by getting to know each other (a real concern with online dating). She also throws out a number of challenges, which will dissuade the lookey-loos.

Online Dating Profile Examples to Attract Men

Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty of writing a spectacular online dating profile.

You might be having a profile problem if:

  • You are not getting quality responses
  • You are not attracting guys with the characteristics you dessire
  • You are exhausted with eternal first dates
  • You are annoyed with the online dating process and are about to give up.

Sounds like you need to step-back and take steps to compose an online dating profile that will stand-out from others!

Write a Bang-up Headline

This may be your sole opportunity to attract your dream guy. You'll likely spend more time writing a bang-up headline than writing the profile itself. Take care to stay away from tacky headlines like "I might be the woman of your dreams…".

Cheesy headlines like this are a dime a dozen. Your object is to make your profile stand-out from the rest.

If you can't think of a headline, write your profile. Something in it will spark your creative inspiration. Or, you can read other women's profiles to get ideas. Of course, you won't copy them verbatim! That's not only plagiarism, it does you a real disservice because you are unique.

Introduce Yourself

Consider the intro as your bio for online dating. You'll fare much better if you write an accurate and honest description. If you get "stuck", consider writing a list of 5 good attributes about yourself.

Your picture is already posted, so that focusing on your physical characteristics is redundant. Also, don't resort to clichés like "enjoys moonlight walks on the beach".

In other words, be the preview, not the movie.

Positive Mental Attitude

Your profile should make a positive impression on men. You'll get much higher male-mileage by describing who you are, what you like and what kind of person you want to date than with negativity.

For example, you will commit online dating suicide by bringing up failed relationships, your broken heart blah blah blah. Save your non-negotiables, such as "cheaters need not apply", until you meet him face-to-face.

The All Important Picture

Men are visual! Hook them with your dazzling smile and reel them in with your stand out profile.

Consider ending your good online dating profile with a question that will intrigue men to message you. (Is your RV excited to hook-up with my Crockpot?)

The Bottom Line

Now – you know techniques to make your online dating profile stand out!